Comprehensive Security Solutions for Educational Facilities in Laredo, TX

Educational institutions have unique security requirements that demand professionally designed security systems. All American Protection is a leader in providing innovative security solutions to educational institutions of every size and type in Laredo, TX and the surrounding area. We deliver comprehensive, integrated video security, access control and more for educational facilities including:

  • Colleges and universities
  • High schools
  • Elementary and middle schools
  • Career training schools
  • Workforce centers
  • Day care facilities

Working Together For Safer Schools in Laredo, TX

School safety is of critical importance, as educational facilities can be a prime target of violent crime. At All American Protection, we understand the importance of protecting students and staff wherever they are on campus - in the classroom, in the hallways, on the practice fields, or going to and from school. As residents of Laredo, TX we are personally invested in the safety of our community’s students. We understand that a safe and nurturing environment is the necessary foundation for a good education. So we provide innovative security solutions that secure public and private buildings and improve overall safety for students, educators, and the Laredo, TX community.

Our experienced team has partnered with Laredo, TX officials, school administrators, educators, and community organizations to help create video security systems that make our schools safer. And we understand that educational facilities often are working with limited budgets, and may need to balance security needs against cost considerations. When designing a school security system, we make sure that every vulnerability is addressed, while working within your budget. Our cost effective security solutions provide the latest in education security technology, along with the ultimate in flexibility.

Mitigate Threats To School Safety in Laredo, TX

Having a fully integrated video security system can help educational facilities mitigate security risks including:

  • Break-ins
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Bullying
  • Assault
  • Bomb Threat
  • Active Shooter

Our professional grade video security and access control systems promote safety in the classroom and elsewhere on campus for your students, faculty, administrative personnel and visitors. All American Protection works collaboratively with Laredo, TX educational facilities to create security systems that help prevent internal and external threats, and help decrease the likelihood of a dangerous incident occurring.

Secure Your Campus with All American Protection

Learn how we can help protect your Laredo, TX campus against break-ins, theft, vandalism and other school security concerns. Contact us today for a free education security needs assessment with one of our expert technicians.

Schedule A Needs Assessment

Layered security is the best approach to mitigate the risks faced by schools today. All American Protection designs education security systems for Laredo, TX campuses that incorporate multiple levels of protection. These integrated systems are purpose-built to deter criminal activity, decrease response time, and facilitate emergency protocols that can prevent incidents and save lives. We specialize in:

Perimeter Security

  • Video surveillance systems and alarms to deter unauthorized entry
  • Early detection of intrusion or property damage
  • Monitoring for potential threats to facilitate rapid response

Access Control

  • Control access to entrances, exits and sensitive areas
  • Record and audit all access requests
  • Limit access based on authorization permissions
  • Streamline visitor check-in protocols and eliminate the need for keys
  • Remote lock, unlock, and lockdown capabilities to respond to emergencies

Video Surveillance

  • Complete video surveillance coverage of all public areas
  • Audio surveillance of areas that require it
  • Recorded video provides court admissible evidence
  • 24/7 remote access to live and recorded video for key staff members

Intrusion Detection

  • Receive notifications of any unauthorized entry
  • Comprehensive alarm systems to deter unauthorized entry and warn students and faculty
  • Protect entrances, exits, pickup/dropoff areas and other critical access points

Our education security solutions also can be integrated with your existing security systems, to provide your educational facility with a greater level of security while maximizing cost effectiveness.

All American Protection understands that educators are not security experts. So we design your educational security system to be user-friendly and easy to operate. We also provide comprehensive training, so that any authorized member of your staff is able operate your system confidently and effectively.

Centralized Management: All American Protection designs fully integrated security systems, so that all functions can be managed from one single point of access. With our Central Management Software, your team can monitor and control every area of your campus. Whether you are monitoring live video, accessing recorded video, adjusting access control permissions, or making an emergency announcement, you can do everything from one place. Centralized management gives you control complete control.

Secure Data Storage

Our digital video recorders and network video recorders offer from 6TB up to 192TB of internal storage, enabling you to store months’ of video surveillance data. Easily search and access any video information needed to provide evidence, audit traffic patterns and access points, and gain insights about potential threats to your facility.

Remote Monitoring

All of our education security systems feature a robust mobile app, which enables you to monitor your campus – or multiple campuses – from anywhere. View both live and recorded video, on up to 16 cameras at once, on your smartphone or tablet. You can centrally manage user rights and permissions, manage pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera controls, and digitally zoom in during live video or remote playback modes. Wherever you have access to the internet, you can monitor your internal security network.

Smart Features

At All American Protection, we provide video security systems with that feature cutting edge technology, giving you complete control over your video data, and saving you valuable time. Smart features include:

  • Smart Tags

    Create tags that represent events of interest (such as “bullying”) and search your video library to quickly access all tagged events at a later time
  • Smart Search

    Define an area within your image and search for motion only within that area – to quickly locate video of a new/missing object, or events in a specific location
  • External Search

    Search video that has been offloaded to a USB drive
  • 5-Minute Instant Playback

    At the touch of a button, replay the last five minutes of recorded video for quick reference
  • Smart Lock

    Protect defined video clips from being erased or recorded over
  • Health Monitoring Capabilities

    Never lose critical data. Built-in Skyhawk Health Monitoring capabilities check your recorders’ hard drives for early signs of failure
  • Advance Image Setting

    Refine individual camera image settings such as WDR, 3D-DNR, white balance, and more through your networked video recorder’s setup menu

Video Analytics

Powerful video analytics are included with all of our recorders and IP cameras, enabling you to save disk space, receive intelligent alerts, and protect your students, staff and property more effectively. Analytics include these and more:

  • Tamper detection
  • Defocus detection
  • Audio exception detection
  • Intrusion detection
  • Face detection
  • Line crossing
  • Scene change detection
  • Region entrance/exit
  • Object counting
  • Heat mapping

These technologically advanced features allow school administrators to do more with fewer resources. And if your team ever has questions on how to use any of these features, our experienced tech support team is here to help.

Initial Consultation

At All American Protection, we take pride in our consultative approach to your security. We work with all concerned parties, from school staff to parents’ groups to Laredo, TX government officials, to understand your security concerns and identify areas of concern. We know that every educational facility is unique, and we can build you a custom-tailored solution based on the specific needs of your institution.

Cost Assessment

We know that schools often must operate with a limited budget. So we conduct a comprehensive cost assessment of your proposed security system, to determine where we can achieve cost savings without compromising on features. Our security technologies are flexible, and can be designed and deployed to maximize your return on investment.

System Design

We design a customized solution based on your specific needs, determining the optimal camera count, camera placement, camera technology, multi megapixel resolution, camera form factors and recording devices. If you currently have security cameras installed, we can work with your existing infrastructure and integrate our state-of-the-art technology to create a fully modernized educational security system.


We will schedule your security system’s installation to ensure minimal disruption to your academic calendar and teaching environment. Once your installation is complete, we will thoroughly test and calibrate your system to ensure optimal performance. We’ll conduct a walkthrough with key staff members and administrators to review your system’s functionality and answer any questions, and will make any necessary adjustments to the design based on your team’s feedback.


After installation, we will conduct a comprehensive training program for your staff, so that all authorized users of the system are fully empowered to use all of its features. Our expert trainers have many years’ experience working with educators and businesses in the Laredo, TX area, and our goal is to ensure that you are comfortable operating your new security technology.

Ongoing Support

Our highly trained tech support team offers world class service to our Laredo, TX clients. Whenever you have questions or need assistance, we’re here to help!


Contact us today for a free security needs assessment with one of our expert technicians.

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